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Dalel Bacre

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Dalel Bacre is an artist and choreographer from Mexico who uses body movements and interpretations through performances to push the boundaries of contemporary art and concepts of beauty. Her most recent work as a choreographer and performance artis is a series of films based on the work of Dr. Alderete called WILD NIGHT (el año de la rata ) & A DARKER NIGHT (el año de la rata ).She currently works as movement director and choreographer with actors and models within different projects such as movies, video games, television series, etc., Dalel continues to advance her processes through the practice of Kung Fu and more recently Aikido. These last two have been a powerful tool that has helped her to understand and observe her body from another perspective, offering her different ways of thinking from the body and enriching her own body language.
Recognised for her extensive career in the performing arts, Dalel always challenges the aesthetics and traditional beauty of dance. Her physical lab, “Several Connections”, was developed to define her own body language of movement.